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Renta de Yates en La Paz - La Paz Yacht Rentals

La Paz Yacht Rentals is part of the national agency YachtFlex. We have boats and luxury in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya. Now we have charters and boat rentals in service in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico and Cabo San Lucas. La Paz Yacht Rentals offers the highest quality standards in service. We got a great varity of:

  • luxury boats and mega yachts
  • small yachts and speed boats
  • fishing boat and fishing yachts
  • catamarans fro groups
  • sailboats
  • cheap boats
  • boats for large events
  • boats to spend the night in the island of Espíritu Santo.

yacht rentals - renta de yates en la paz isla San Rafaelitohiring of boats - alquiler de barcos a san rafaelito, la paz, mexico

Yacht Rentals in La Paz and mega yacht charters

We have luxury yachts from the best-known brands such as: Azimut, Sea Ray, Blount, Canados, Carver, Columbia, Conam, Falcon, Ferreti, Princess, Rio, Sunseeker, Tiara among others. In Yacht Rental In La Paz we have what you are looking for, whether you want one with specific characteristics, or a standard one. The tastes of each person vary between, for example, if they want the yacht to have a flydeck. Others prefer a certain number of rooms to be able to spend the night there. In most of the mega yachts in La Paz for rent it is better to stay 24 hours on board than an 8-hour trip to the islands, as long as they are 10 people or less. If there are more than 10 people, it is better to walk during the day because they would not fit to sleep.

Mega Yacht water toys:

  • kayaks
  • dinghy
  • inflatable toys
  • tender for fishing
  • paddle boards
  • Waverunner (with skis, wakeboard, salalom, etc.)

Hire a luxury boat in La Paz, Baja - renta de yates de lujo en la paz, bajaBoats for large events in La Paz - renta de barcos para eventos y grupos en La Paz, Mexico

Cheap yacht rentals in La Paz

Cheap yacht charters in La Paz offers yachts from $1500 USD 8 hours, with beers, water and soft drinks. Some boats offers ceviche on board too. There is an option to get a chef for $250 USD extra plus supplies. You can sleep on the boat if you are 6 people for $3,350 USD. If more people on non-sleeping tour, you may fit up to 16 people. If you want to fish, it would be $200 USD extra for gasoline and you would have to tell us in advance so we can prepare all. Cheap yacht rentals in La Paz also offer cheap boat rentals to Espiritu Santo Island and Balandra. That are lanchas, which are non-luxury boats. These boats cost $850 USD for an 8-hour trip to Isla Espiritu Santo. They can still sleep if they are few people, for an extra $500 USD. It is worth it if you are a group of 7 people to stay overnight on these boats. It is an experience of a lifetime at the end of the day.

Renta de yates en la paz, isla espiritu santoMega Yacht for Rent La Paz - renta de mega yates en la paz

Fishing yacht rentals in La Paz

Fishing Boat rentals in La Paz has boats from super cheap pangas at $420 USD, to luxury fishing yachts at $2,200 USD of 60 feet, Hateras. There are more expensive options, therefore more luxurious. You can also rent a luxury yacht to fish. It has fewer fishing rods, but the idea is to have a good time. The best fishing service in La Paz may be given by our 44-foot Ocean fishing boat at $2,000 USD a day of fishing. If you want a chef on board with an extra low cost, we will set it up for you so that you can have prepared what you most like.

Fishing yacht rentals in La Paz- Renta de yates de pesca en la paz, isla espiritu santo

Catamaran Rentals in La Paz, Mexico

Catamaran Rentals La Paz has to offer you catamarans for large and medium groups. Ideal for: weddings, private events, boat graduation parties, birthdays, engagements, incentive trips, corporate trips, or just a big party. Yacht rental in La Paz has catamaran-type boats that can hold up to 300 people! There are luxury catamarans, cheaper normal catamarans and catamarans for large events. Ask about our packages per person. There’s a certain number of people you have to be if you want it private.

Catamaran rentals in La Paz - Renta de yates en la paz, isla espiritu santo, Tijeretas avesCatamaran rentals in La Paz, Mexico - Isla Espiritu Santo aguas cristalinas renta de yates la paz

Sailboat rentals in La Paz

Sailboat rental in La Paz is ideal for romantic walks around the Espiritu Santo Islands. There is also the option of sleeping in one sailboat if there are few people. “Sailboat rentals in La Paz” offers trips from $1,350 USD for a full day to Isla Espiritu Santo. To sleep on board, 24 hours live aboard experience, it costs $1,750 USD plus the diesel you use while on your tour. You do about 3 hours one way to the island. They fit 8 or up to 9 people to sleep, with air conditioning.

The sailboat that is rented the most in Yacht Rentals in La Paz is a 50-footer luxury sailboat, which can fit 10 people. Includes 24 beers, water and soft drinks, a liter of fish ceviche and a liter of shrimp. If it’s 24 hours, the client uploads everything. As for music, you can take your Smartphone and connect it to the sound system. There is music from the crew on the sailboat if you don’t have music on your phone.

Sailboat rentals in La Paz - Renta de veleros en la paz, mexico

Economic boat rentals in La Paz

Renting cheap boats in La Paz is a good option when you want to save up the most possible on your visit to Isla Espiritu Santo. From $1,000 MXN you can go in a non-private group to visit the island. Includes snorkel equipment, ceviche and guide. We eat on a beach on the island, on the mainland. The guide will explain everything about the island, fauna, birds and explanation of the use and management of protected natural areas. You will swim with sea lions either before reaching the island or on the island itself. If it is before it is called La Roca de San Rafaelito. We visited several bays such as the cove of El Candelero, the rooster, the chicken, the whale, etc. There are several points of interest.

catamaran rentals in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico - renta de catamaranes en la paz, baja california, mexicoboat trips to Espiritu Santo island - Paseos en yate a Isla Espíritu Santo

Big boats for events in La Paz

There are also yacht rentals for events in La Paz, which are smaller in number but more luxurious. The boats for events in La Paz are for 24 people, the non-luxurious ones, but ask us and we will see if there are more people. Boat rentals for events in La Paz have been increasing due to the high demand in the Baja California area in recent years. Every time this destination is better known worldwide, thanks to the fame that Jaque Cousteau gave it in its heyday. You can do a day trip to the nearby islands, or we can sleep on the boat. Make your wedding in the sea in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico!

Overnight Yacht rentals in La Paz - Isla Espiritu Santo renta de yates la paz

Overnight boat rentals in La Paz - renta de yates en la paz y paseos a isla espiritu santoOvernight rentals in La Paz, Mexico

In “Yacht rental in La Paz, Mexico” we have boats to spend the night in Espiritu Santo Island. Without a doubt, we are the best option, I dare to say, since we have the largest offer of this style. There are boats for up to 20 people on board, non-luxury, and super-luxury yachts for 12 people for overnight stays. The cheap ones range from 1,300 to 2,000 USD per night. To sleep on a boat in La Paz we recommend about 7 people so as not to increase the price per person, since it is charged per boat. Yacht Rental in La Paz will take you to the bays of the nearby islands of Isla Partida, Espiritu Santo, Coronado Island, San Jose Island, San Francisquito Island and Cerralvo Island. Places of interest to visit, I think the best would be Cabo Pulmo and Isla Partida. If you have a chance to do both destinations, the better. Ask for our new listings of overnight yacht rental in La Paz. Welcome to paradise!

Liveaboard rentals in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico - renta de barcos para pernocta en baja californiaboat trips to Espiritu Santo Island - Paseos a isla espíritu santo, formaciones de piedra

At 3 hours from La Paz we have yacht rentals in Cabo San Lucas:

For Sleeping on board a yacht in Espiritu Santo island, click here

Algunas opciones serian:

barco para paseo y pasar la noche en La Paz

Overnight boat in Espiritu Santo Island

Sleeps 7 people. And 20 people for cruising trip

$27,000 MXN per 8 hrs

renta de yates en la paz ferreti 80

Ferreti 80

Sleeps 8 people. 15 people for cruising trip

$5,000 USD Cruising 7 hours

$6,500 USD per night


Azimut 38

Sleeps 6 people. And 15 people for cruising

$3,350 USD 8 hours

$4,500 USD per night

yate para grupos en renta en la paz

Boat for groups in La Paz 

Tour Isla Espíritu Santo 8 hrs $8,950 USD

Tour balandra 3 hrs $6,500 USD

Capacity 50 people

sunseeker 70 yacht la paz with paddleboards

Sunseeker 70 La Paz Espiritu Santo tour

8 hrs $55,000 MXN

24 hours: $80,000 MXN

Capacity 20 people

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