Catamaran Rentals in Cancun

In Catamaran Rentals in Cancun we have a great fleet of luxury Catamarans for parties, private charters and snorkel tours to Isla Mujeres. We also have departing from Puerto Aventuras, Puerto Morelos and Cozumel. Ask our customer reps where you would like to go and we will assist you the best way we can.

Renting a catamaran per day is one of the best options for a family vacation, corporate events, weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Prices are accesible and the service is personalized.

We have catamarans that can carry from 15 to 100 passengers. You can rent them 4 hours with an open bar or even 8 hours with open bar and food service included.

We have private tours to In-Ha leaving from Puerto Aventuras. You can swim with turtles and visit the second largest coral reef in the world at Cozumel. There is also an option to go see the ruins of Tulum from the sea.

renta de catamaranes en Cancun
Gemini Legacy Catamaran

18 People
Catamarans with Open Bar
$95 +$12 USD Docking Fee per Person

renta de catamaranes de lujo en cancun
Lagoon Power 450 Catamaran

35 – 45 People
Luxury Catamarans
$95 USD per Person + $12 USD docking fee

40′ Catamaran

30 People
Catamarans with open bar
$950 USD / 4 Hours + $13 USD docking fee per person

nalgone catamaran en renta cancun
32′ Catamaran

13 people
Catamarans with open bar
$570 USD / 4 Hours

alquiler de catamaranes en Cancun
50′ Catamaran

40 people
Catamarans with open bar
$2,000 USD / 4 Hours

alquiler de catamaran en cancun y riviera maya
Wild Cat 35′

25 People
Luxury Catamarans
$250 USD per Hour

renta de catamaranes para grupos en cancun
Optimo 50′ Catamaran

40 People
Luxury Catamarans
$2500 USD / 7 Hours + $13 USD docking fee per person

Luxury Catamarans for Large Groups in Cancun

Renta de yates en Cancún, Renta de Catamranes para Grupos, Tour de Snorkel Privado, Charter en Catamran
Catamaran for Large Groups

100 People
Luxury Catamarans
$1,000 USD per Hour

Renta de yates en Cancun, Renta de yate para grupos grandes, yates para grupo, charter privado, cancun, isla mujeres, norkel, barra libre, fiesta
Party Boat for Groups with Springboard and Slide

Up to 300 People
Yacht for Large Groups
$100 USD per Person
(80 People Minimum)

barco para grupos en renta en cancun
Boat for Groups in Cancun

60 People
Open Bar and Food Onboard
$3,300 USD / 8 Hours

Catamaran Cancun 55 footer mayan
Catamaran 55 Mayan

60 people
$2,000 USD / 4 Hours

catamaran 68 pies en renta cancun
Catamaran Sailing 68′

75 People
Open Bar and Snorkel Equipment
 $3,200 USD / 7 Hours

Luxury Catamaran in Puerto Morelos

Catamaran in Puerto Morelos

80 People
In Puerto Morelos
$1,800 – $3,600 USD

Luxury Catamaran in Puerto Aventuras

Catamaranes para grupos grnades, Puerto Aventuras, tour de snorkel, Renta de catamaranes en Isla Mujeres, Isla Blanca, Puerto Morelos, playa del carmen, cozumel
Catamaran 36′

15 People
In Puerto Aventuras
$1,100 USD / 4 Hours

Renta de catamaran de lujo Cancun y Riviera Maya
Lagoon 44´ Catamaran

30 People
In Puerto Aventuras
$2,450 USD / 4 Hours

Renta de catamaranes en Cancun, para grupos grandes, de lujo, puerto aventuras, riviera maya, barra libre, snorkel tour
Catamaran for Large Groups

50 People
In Puerto Aventuras
$1,500 USD / 4 Hours

Rent Sailboats in Cancun, Isla Mujeres & Riviera Maya

We also have Luxury Sailboats and Sailboats Rentals in Cancun. There are sailboats rentals for large groups of up to 16 passengers that can take you on Snorkel Tours to Isla Mujeres. You can also rent them to spend the night in the Riviera Maya, as for example you can go to Puerto Morelos, spend the night and then head to Cozumel.

Renta de Veleros en Cancun. jeanneau de 42 pies
Jeanneau 42´ Sailboat

12 People
Luxury Sailboat
$150 USD per Hour

Renta de velero en Cancun, Bavaria 44, Isla Mujeres
Bavaria 44´ Sailboat

10 People
Luxury Sailboat
$170 USD per Hour

alquiler de veleros Cancun
40′ Sailboat to Rent

16 People
Luxury Sailboat
$140 USD per Hour

Rent a Luxury Catamaran in Cancun for a Private Charter, enjoy one of the best snorkel tours in the Caribbean and relax for the day at an affordable price while you visit tourist destinies like Puerto Aventuras, Puerto Morelos, Isla Mujeres and Cozumel.

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