Cancun Yacht Rentals

Cancun Yacht Rentals

Yacht Rentals in Cancun at your service:

yacht rentals in cancun

Yacht Rentals
in Cancun

Luxury Yachts

and Mega Yachts

Enjoy the beautiful Cancun sunsets while sailing onboard one of our Luxury Yachts and take in the view of the Cancun coastline with your family or guests.

Starting from: $600.00 USD

Cancun Catamaran Rentals

Catamaran Rentals in Cancun


High-End and Affordable

Are you traveling with a large group or do you want to set sail on your own? Relax and enjoy of a day sailing through the Caribbean with an open bar, you will definitely have a great time.

Starting from: $65.00 USD per Person

Cancun Fishing Boat Rentals

Fishing Boat Rentals in Cancun

Luxury Fishing Experience

in Cancun, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen

We have boats and yachts to fulfill all your fishing needs, take a trip to the open sea and have a great time fishing with your friends, family or guests.

Starting from: $550.00 USD

power cat 68 for events cancun

Boat Rentals for Events

Boats for Private Events

and Weddings

Boats and Yachts for Weddings, Events, Groups and Conventions

Starting from: $1200.00 USD + Boat Docking Fee

Cancun Yacht Rentals is your expert service to rent luxury yachts in Cancun. We would like to present you our web site. Here you will be able to rent a luxury yacht for the whole family and friends. Rent a boat for that special birthday that you want. Like for that bachelor/bachelorette party that is coming up or simply to make an unforgettable party on the Caribbean Sea. Once on the sea, warm crew will provide the luxury yacht service you deserve.

Cancun Yacht Cruises to Isla Mujeres

Azimut 58 Cancun kraken

Cruise through the Cancun’s coastline onboard a luxury yacht. Join our yacht experience and enjoy a variety of luxury services, designs and productions. Explore and discover the most exclusive and important areas to swim in, snorkel, dive, fish or even just sail through. We can cruise to Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Holbox, Puerto Morelos, Paya del Carmen and some of the most crystalline & tranquil coastlines of the Mexican Caribbean. On the other side of Mexico we also have yacht rentals in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and La Paz, all within the Cabo area. You can even rent sailboats and catamarans in the Riviera Maya. Cancun Yacht Rentals offers you a one of a kind experience that you will cherish forever.

Cancun Overnight Stays in Yachts

Cancun Overnight Yacht Rentals also have yachts you can rent out of Cancun that are like floating houses on the ocean. For many years yachts have innovated through their design and are decorated with exclusive furniture and materials. Liveaboard experiences in Cancun and Riviera Maya are every time more demanded. They are all equipped with spacious cabins, some even have flat screen TV’s, but all yachts have their own audio system, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. All these details are carefully planned for your personal enjoyment. All is set to offer you and your guests an incredible experience to guarantee a safe and comfortable trip.

Cancun Sailboats for hiring

In Cancun Yacht Rentals we also have sailboats for rent in Riviera Maya and within Cancun’s hotel zone. We have options for everyone ranging from top of the class to affordable ones so you aren’t left out. Cancun Yachts have boats with which you can practice wakeboard and also wave runners (jet skis). Experience water sports such as flyboard, which is an adrenaline filled experience ideal for young adults. And what is the best part? We will provide the equipment for the yacht you rent in the bay of Cancun! We take the jetski to your yacht charter so you use it while others are snorkeling.

Yacht Rentals in Cancun and Isla Mujeres

We can also plan your vacations onboard a luxury yacht in the Riviera Maya, Cozumel or Holbox. You may enjoy snorkel tours, freediving tours, diving boats, fishing tours and private yacht events. Make the perfect bachelor or bachelorette party, group events and many other yacht activities that will definitely be remembered by everyone. These are all services that you will find only here at “Yacht Rentals Cancun”  at the best price. The biggest difference from other similar websites is that we are yacht owners. You can have direct access to us and our boats, like the Uniesse 48. This lets us offer you the best price, give you extra hours if necessary and have quick access to rent the yachts with no waiting period.

Cancun Sunset Cruise by yacht

cancun yacht charters. Puerto Aventuras, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos

One of the best times during the day to rent a luxury yacht in Cancun is definitely sunset. At night you can have an incredible experience sailing the Nichupte lagoon. Enjoy the sea breeze and watch how the Caribbean Moon lights up your tour. We can also help you organize a thematic party. For example, we can make you an amazing Moon Glow Yacht Party. We wound be decorating the yacht you rent with black light throughout the boat and hand out body paint for all the guests. It’s a great option to change it up a bit, ideal for birthday parties and, of course, bachelor/bachelorette parties on a yacht in Cancun.

Sailboat and Catamaran Rentals

At Yacht Rentals in Cancun we also offer you catamarans to rent for your group. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for large or small boats, we have them all to offer. Among the smaller options we got a sailboat that is $570 USD for 4 hours for up to 13 guests. Ask us for the prices for the 6 and 8 hour packages. Cancun Catamaran Rentals can also include food and beverage service depending on the number of hours that you rent the catamaran. Yacht Rentals Cancun can also organize all type of events that can be done on yachts in the Riviera Maya like weddings, family reunions, etc. For weddings, we recommend them to be organized in a nearby beach to the Riviera Maya like Puerto Aventuras or Maroma.

Tulum Yacht Rentals

There are some great spots in Tulum as well for wedding by the way, so don’t forget about this great place. If you are looking for an amazing place to visit by boat, then Akumal is one of your best bets. Akumal is a protected zone which means we can visit it but we can’t get down from the yacht.

Affordable Yacht Rentals in Cancun

If you have limited budget to rent a yacht in Cancun, we have you covered! There are smaller yachts that can be leased starting from $150.00 USD per hour (the bayliner 30′ is an example). You can rent small boats for groups of 6 to 8 people that can cost $115.00 USD per hour.

When it comes to these small boats you can rent them for as little as 2-3 hours per day if that’s what your budget allows. We’ve also got speed boats in Cancun so that you can do some water sports. You may rent these speed boats on a per hour basis. The cost of renting these ones vary, but you can find them for as cheap as $250.00 USD. Ask me for the promo of the day. In certain months of the year the price drops to $200.00 USD if you rent the boat for at least 2 hours.

Cancun Boat Rentals

Cancun Boat Rentals has affordable options like its Sessa 32 foot boat. It is great for groups of up to 10 people as it gets very comfortable. It’s got its own bathroom, a nice table to sit in, a sundeck in the stern, the bow is padded for your comfort. Ideal to take in the sun while you take a trip to Isla Mujeres without spending too much. Ask me for more!

In this following link I have boats that can be rented out in Cancun but we also have others in Puerto Aventuras: Boats for Rent

boat rentals cancun

Mega Yacht Rentals in Cancun

Azimut 100 yacht cancun rentals jacuzzi

When it comes to mega yachts in Cancun we have the largest, newest and most luxurious yachts. The largest Mega Yacht available in Cancun and Riviera Maya is the Azimut 100. This mega boat comes with outdoor jacuzzi in the 3rd floor, 5 cabins, 4 bathrooms and 3 living rooms. It also has gas grill, its own chef, 3 sailors and a fishing boat!

Mega Yacht Charters in Cancun

 We can also have an Azimut 85 foot yacht for rent that is similar to the 100 foot one. The difference is this one doesn’t have a jacuzzi. The minimalistic design of this recently remodeled 85 foot yacht gives it an air of luxury that you won’t find elsewhere and can be boarded in Puerto Aventuras. If you are looking to set sail from Cancun, we have an 85 foot Azimut year 2005 that just had a real remodeled days. Besides those yachts my favorite is a beautiful 2014 Azimut 68 S that can host up to 15 people. Also we have a Sunseeker 75 for up to 20 passengers.

If what you are looking for is a boat for large groups or events we have some that can cost 1000 pesos per person. You can find the information for these boats in the group boats following link.

Yacht Rentals in Holbox

If you are looking to go to Holbox by Yacht, we have this amazing Uniesse 48′ which can be boarded in Cancun or Isla Mujeres. We recommend this tour if you are planning to spend at least 1 or 2 nights because it is a 4 hours trip to Holbox, which is very far. If you don’t want to spend the night it is recommended to leave at 6-7 a.m. This way you can arrive at 11 a.m. to spend the day there, eat some lobster pizza, watch the flamingoes from the yacht, rent a golf cart to sightsee and make the trip back.

Whichever boat you choose to sail to Holbox can’t navigate at night. If nightfall is at 7 p.m. then the trip back needs to start by 4 p.m. and that’s why we recommend staying at least 1 night there. Also if you have time to spare then you can go fishing. You can visit one of the lagoons and relax while you eat seafood and drink beer at your own leisure.

Holbox and Contoy yacht rentals

The price for this 1 day tour to Holbox is $3500 USD but if you spend the night there it would come to $5000 USD. This price includes crew, fuel Cancun-Holbox, 24 beers, water, 24 sodas, snacks and ice. If you intend on spending the night the yacht can accommodate 6 guests and the rest can stay at a hotel. There are many options on the side of the marina where the boat docks. On the other hand, we also have overnight catamarans to Holbox. These are $3500 USD per 24 hours and include food and drinks. To go to Holbox on a overnight boat you need at least 48 hours, as it’s kind of far. If want to go to Contoy on a luxury yacht it will be about $4,650 USD for the day, with food and drinks.

Electric Yachts in Cancun

Nowadays it is more important to take care of the enviorement so we are constructing electric boats with no fuel consumption . On 2023 we will have an electric yacht for rent in Cancun. Right now if you want to buy one, we definitely have the best price on electric vessels, from $500,000 USD a new one. You may see more info by clicking on the Electric Yachts in Cancun heading.

Fourwinns 48 Cancun

Boat Rentals in Cancun

Boat Rentals in CancunCatamaran rentals Cancun and Riviera Maya also have small 19 foot boats you can rent for as cheap as $110.00 USD per hour. If you look for something larger we have 24 foot boats that can be leased for $125.00 USD per hour. And up to 32-34 foot boats that hold more guests. We also have smaller boats that range from 31, 32 and 35 feet that can be rented for $115.00 USD per hour: Fourwinns-23

Here you can find the options we have for you:

Yacht Rentals in Cancun

Do you want to visit Playa del Carmen? we got boats that dock in Puerto Aventuras and can take you there for the day. For example this Sea Ray 40 foot yacht can be rented for $300.00 USD per hour. It includes national open bar and delicious fish or shrimp ceviche. If you are in Tulum we may send you a private transportation to take you to Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya. It’s a short drive, but if you are looking for a quicker way to get to Cancun, we have other options. Options like a helicopter or small plane ride. We accept cryptocurrency as a way of downpayment: bitcoin, etherium, dodgecoin, etc.

You can find the information for these trips in the following links:

“Upgrading Your Life Style”

YachtFlex Experiences

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