4 cabins yacht Espiritu Santo island tour

Sleeping on board a yacht in Espiritu Santo Island Mexico

There is no better way to enjoy the wonders that La Paz and its nearby islands have than aboard a luxury yacht with all your friends or family. Isla Espiritu Santo has been a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site since 2005 and a National Park since 2007.

In it you will find a spectacular beauty, of which few know; the contrast between sea and desert, rock formations of volcanic origin, many virgin beaches, as well as a large amount of endemic fauna and flora (that is, there is only one there from all over the world).

The National Park has incredible spots for snorkeling. All yachts have equipment, and most with paddleboard, kayak and floating mat, boat toys permitted by Semarnat.

Nowadays, Espiritu Santo Island can be visited with a permitted capacity of 40% of its capacity, so one must adhere to the protocols and guidelines issued by SEMARNAT, CONANP and PROFEPA at all times.

Partida island

San Francisquito on a yacht

San Francisquito is a small island located in the Gulf of California off the coast of Punta Mechudo, south of San José Island, and about 75 kilometers north of La Paz. This island is not very far from the mainland, since it is only separated by a channel about 10 kilometers wide. The island itself is very small compared to San José Island, which only measures approximately 2.5 kilometers long and 2.5 kilometers wide. Hence it is called “San Francisquito”.

The coast of this small island is mainly made up of rocky cliffs, whose heights range from 6 to 45 meters, but it also has some incredible beaches of soft white sand. The strange hook shape that San Francisquito Island has attracts a lot of attention, and gives rise to a beautiful bay perfect for swimming, recreational activities in the water and having a great time in this very special space in the Sea of ​​Cortez, as well as for camping. there. There are tourist fishermen who go, camp and start harpooning during the day. There are many bees.

Type of tour

For less adventurous tourists, such as friends or family with children, I think the yacht trip to Playa Partida and Espiritu Santo Island north on the first day, and Espiritu Santo Island south and sloop on the second day is better suited. This is a two-day trip of 8 hours each day, or a 2-night overnight trip on a yacht.

Espiritu Santo island mapCandelero beach on luxury yacht

Luxury yacht tour to Isla Espiritu Santo island, La Paz, Mexico


Day 1: Tour to the north of Espiritu Santo Island. Sealions tour

9:00 am. Departure from the Palmar marina heading north, to the islands of Espiritu Santo, located in the Gulf of California Biosphere Reserve, protected by UNESCO. After 3 hours of navigation, we will arrive at Ia lobera, then at Partida beach.

11:30 Arrival at Los Islotes, where you can visit the well-known ”rock of the islets” where more than 200 sea lions live. Here, if you want to swim with sealions, we must hire a certified guide and national park permits

14:00 After eating, we will sail to Partida beach and you will enjoy its beautiful beach to walk and relax.

15:30 departure from the island heading south

18:00 pm arrival at the marina in La Paz. Back to the hotel or you can walk along the boardwalk to snack before the hotel

Day 2: Tour to Isla Espíritu Santo and Balandra

10:00 am. Departure from the Palmar marina towards El Candelero beach

11:30/12:00 arrival at Playa el Candelero, where we would snorkel, float mat, kayak and paddleboard. See La Mascara before arriving, a rock formation that looks like a face. Playa Candelero is a very beautiful beach where we can set up a camp on the sand of the beach ⛺️

14:00 departure towards Balandra Beach, passing through El Gallo y La Hen, San Gabriel Beach, and Despeza.

15:40 arrival at Balandra Beach, to visit this famous beach and take the toys off the boat again.

17:20 departure towards the marina to go along the coast of La Paz

18:00 pm arrival at the marina in La Paz. Back to the hotel or you can walk along the boardwalk to snack before the hotel

Partida island locations map

4 nights 5 days itinerary departing from La Paz to Espiritu Santo Island by yacht

On this itinerary we leave on a 70-foot yacht with 4 cabins. 9 people plus the crew sleeping on board. But it could also be on a smaller boat, for less people:

1 night: leave at 10:00 am heading north and sleep on Isla Partida.

2nd night: we leave for La Mortajada. There we would sleep on Isla San Jose.

3rd night: they visit El Pardito and sleep in San Francisquito

4 nights: we go down to Espiritu Santo Island and sleep in Encenada Grande. The next day we came to Balandra to visit that famous beach, and back to La Paz to finish our tour at 10:00 am on the 5th day.

4-night 4-cabin yacht tour cost:

$75,000 MXN for 4 nights = $300,000 MXN + extra fuel of 15,000 MXN = $315,000 MXN

There is a sailor and a captain.

There is kayak, paddleboard, dinghy, snorkel equipment, floating mat. Includes 40 waters, 24 soft drinks, ice.

Espiritu Santo map and La Lobera isle

Chef service aboard the yacht La Paz

You can book a chef for 15 thousand pesos for an 8-hour day, with normal supplies, or you can bring your own food and cook your food in the yacht’s kitchen. Here the crew can help, if you tip them well. They know how to make basic things like eggs for breakfast, ceviche, etc.

The chef’s 15 thousand pesos are if there are 16 people. Or $18 thousand pesos is 20 people. If there are 7 to 10 people in 12 thousand pesos. It already includes the ingredients, chef’s fees and his assistant’s.

Here are the menus to choose from, which can be modified if you want (if you want proteins like lobster the price would increase).


—-bean with cheese

—-Machaca with egg

— Rajas with cheese

—-Tray of fresh seasonal fruits



—-Orange juice


—-Tray of sweet bread

—-Shrimp cocktail

—-Tuna sashimi

—-Fish ceviche

—–Arrachera Tacos

—-Variety of sauces


—-Corn and flour tortilla


—-Crazy watermelons

—Picasso crazy

—-Mixed peanuts chips, Sabritas, Rufles, Doritos


—-Red and green chilaquiles, refried beans, garden potatoes and scrambled eggs.


—–Orange juice



—–Fruit Tray

—-shrimp ceviche

—–fish ceviche

—-Tuna sashimi

—-Tacos al pastor, with a variety of sauces

—-Flour and corn tortilla


—-mixed peanuts

—-Potatoe chips like Rufles, etc.

Candelero beach La Pazbalandra beach
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