Sale of electric boats in Mexico

Crusta 53 yate electrico Mexico

Nautical technology finally arrives in Mexico. A Mexican company dedicated to having a better planet, with less greenhouse gas emissions and greater return on your money in terms of the use of your watercraft.

Welcome “Crusta” to the sale of electric yachts in Mexico. Based in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Crusta offers catamaran, tender, fishing boat or electric yacht for sale

We currently have 3 models of electric boats for sale. A 33-foot electric boat, a 42-foot electric tender for 40 people and a 53-foot two-keel electric yacht. You can order one with the exact specifications you want, and put gadgets that you like. We will construct it from cero to the way you´ve always wanted a boat.

Venta de yates eléctricos en México

Although electric boats and yachts are still a new product in the nautical market, technological advances are increasingly more efficient in terms of costs, battery life and reduced environmental impact.

The outbreak of new and technological startups concerned about the environment is increasing. The sale of electric boats will sooner or later rise high.

An electric boat has many advantages in different aspects compared to a combustion boat.

Venta de barcos eléctricos en México

Advantages in electric boats

A continuación algunas ventajas que tienen los barcos eléctricos, en comparación con los de combustibles fósiles:

  • More ecological

The motors of electric boats and yachts use electrical energy to operate, which is clean and environmentally friendly energy. This means that they do not release toxic residues into the water, or harmful gases into the atmosphere. Being thus much more ecological, free of harmful emissions for living beings.

Barco electrico de lujo en Mexico

  • Cheaper

Today the price of diesel and gasoline continues to rise, it will cost more and more. Electric power is much cheaper. So, from the outset it will cost us less to sail our electric yacht or boat, not to mention, in addition, that we will not have to go to queue at the gas station, saving time and money. On the other hand, the efficiency is higher so it is more comfortable while preserving the autonomy that we have always known.

  • Quieter

Fachada frontal Crusta 53 yate electrico Mexicano

The sound produced by the electric motor is so low that you will hear more the sound of the waves hitting your boat than the sound of the engine, if you hear it at all. Besides that, there will be no smoke at the stern. Before, to achieve this, you would have to have a sailboat. Since they do not have combustion, electric boats and catamarans can be incredibly quiet, odorless and without great vibrations.

  • More spacious and easier to use

The motors of electric yachts are less heavy and facilitate the maneuverability of the boat at the wheel. Being smaller they make space for cooler and larger cabins, or more space for other things. They are easier to use and maneuver, as they no longer have a clutch and gearbox.

  • More autonomy at low speed

You can cruise for up to 10 hours on a single battery charge, not to mention you could cruise as long as you want as long as the sun is charging your batteries and you’re moving really slowly.

  • Cleaner and less maintenance

The engine of an electric yacht is much cleaner than a combustion engine, so its maintenance is much easier. It may even take many years before it needs any kind of maintenance due to its simple and reliable mechanism. Forget worrying about changing the oil, cleaning the injectors, etc.

Crusta electric boats

Electric Yacht Crusta 53

The Crusta 53 is an electric twin keel yacht of 53 feet in length with 24 beam. It has a displacement of 22 tons

It has a master suite with Jacuzzi and 3 queen cabins. In addition, it's got a cabin for 2 crew, living room, kitchen and large flybridge. Its capacity is 20 passengers.
Propulsion: 2 electric motors of 60 KW
180 KWH LFP (Lithium) battery bank
Bank of solar panels of 19 KWP
Cruising speed: 7-8 knots. Maximum speed: 12 knots
Limited range at cruising speed
(The photos of the Crusta 53 are the ones above, blue with white)

Crusta Tender 42 electric

Crusta tender 42 electric catamaran

The sale of electric boats in Mexico also includes a 42-foot Tender, which is the photo above and below this text. It has two bathrooms, 2 cabins, outdoor kitchen and bar. 
This one is more made for parties and snorkeling but it is still luxurious and electric.

Crusta Tender 42 nuevo

Crusta’s 33 electric fishing boat

There is also the Crusta 33 foot fishing boat, designed for a day of fishing but with all the amenities of a luxury yacht. Truly, these boats are going to revolutionize the sale of electric yachts and boats in Mexico. More information in the contact section.

Electric yacht rentals Cancun

On the other hand, we also have the rental of electric boats in Cancun, in case you want to rent and try one before buying it. In the contact section one of our agents can give you more information.
eletric yachts island Mexico

Isla Crusta

Entre Holbox y Cancun esta un precioso e interesante proyecto hotelero, en donde los cuartos de hotel seran barcos electricos marca Crusta. La venta de los yates electricos de 53 pies de Mexico empesara ahi. En base a este proyecto fue que se salio la idea para vender estos barcos para compradores que quieran su barco fuera del proyecto.

La isla esta situada en la salida al mar llamada Boca Inglesias, en ese litoral de la costa entre Contoy y Holbox. No puedes accesar por tierra ya que esta rodeada de agua, por eso le decimos “isla”.

Al entrar al proyecto con una inversion de un yate electrico de 53 pies, tienes acceso a multiples manera de recuperar tu inversion en 3 años o menos. Mas informes en la seccion de contacto.

puerto de Crusta boats
Isla hotel entre Cancun y Holbox
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