Sunseeker 70 footer La Paz Espiritu Santo

sunseeker 70 yacht la paz with paddleboards

Sunseeker 70 foot La Paz Espiritu Santo Island

This beautiful 70-foot Sunseeker yacht is the ideal boat for trips to Espiritu Santo Island. It has all the toys that one may need when we are in one of the bays of this beautiful and spectacular island, such as: floating mat, kayak, paddleboards, snorkeling equipment and dinghy (small motor boat). It has 4 luxurious cabins that can accommodate up to 9 people, plus the crew who have another cabin for themselves. The second open-air floor has the high stern part padded, and has a dining room. One part of the dining room has a place to lie down because you have to lie down your head or your sword (see photos of the flybridge). And the bow is completely padded, all of it, so no one will be left without somewhere to lie down.

When they arrive at Candelero Beach on Espiritu Santo Island, the crew takes them down to the beach and sets them up with chairs and an umbrella to protect themselves from the sun when they are there. So some go swimming while others are enjoying the beach.

Inside, the yacht has a large living room with a television, and a full kitchen, with which you can cook whatever you want. We can hire a chef to make them whatever they want to eat. We have a chef’s package and everything is ordered on the menu for $15 thousand pesos.

This chef thing is optional. You can configure the menus that the chef sends. Things can be added or removed, and the chef will tell us when it is extra. The 2 menus to choose from would be the following:


-beans with cheese

-Machaca with egg

-Rajas with cheese

-Tray of fresh seasonal fruits



-Orange juice


-Tray of sweet bread

-Shrimp cocktail

-Tuna sashimi

-Fish ceviche

-Arrachera Tacos

-Variety of sauces


-Corn and flour tortilla


-Crazy watermelons

-Picasso crazy

-Mixed peanuts chip, sabritas, rufles, Doritos



-Red and green chilaquiles, refried beans, garden potatoes and scrambled eggs.


-Orange juice



-Fruit Tray

-shrimp ceviche

-fish ceviche

-Tuna sashimi

-Tacos al pastor, with a variety of sauces

-Flour and corn tortilla


-Mixed peanuts

-Dads like Rufles etc.


The yacht already includes:

  • 40 bottles of water
  • soft drinks (24s)
  • ice
  • snorkeling equipment
  • Crew
  • Fuel
  • Bathrooms
  • 4 Cabins
  • Full kitchen
  • kayak
  • paddleboard board
  • kayak
  • dinghy
  • umbrellas and plenty on the island beach


Maximum capacity: 20 people



$55,000 MXN 8 hours of cruising to the island of Espiritu Santo, San Rafaelito and/or Balandra

from $75,000 MXN to $80,000 MXN to sleep on board, 24 hours, from 10 am to 10 am

Maximum sleeping capacity on board: 9 people can fit comfortably in their rooms, in bed, but if more people want to sleep in the room, we can even put some inflatable mattresses at an extra cost, and thus, uncomfortably, they could sleep up to 16 people.


More information on sleeping aboard the yacht on Espiritu Santo Island, click here

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