60 footer boat for groups in La Paz

If you visit the port of La Paz, you should definitely visit its world-class islands and beaches. We have the ideal boat for groups that makes one of the best tours of the bay and its surroundings. Get on board this groups boat for rent in La Paz and live an experience that you will never forget. Perfect for groups of up to 50 people, you can celebrate your birthday, bachelor party, corporate trips, graduations and parties. Any reason is perfect to sail on this boat for groups. Enjoy nature and the beautiful beaches, bays of peace and Espiritu Santo Island while on board this huge vessel in La Paz.

big boat for groups in La Pazyacht for events in La Paz, Mexico

Snorkel tour to Isla Espíritu Santo


It is boarded at the fiscal dock at 9:50 am. We sail to the northern tip of Isla Espiritu Santo until we reach “the islets”, where the largest colony of sea lions in the Gulf of California is found. Here the snorkeling activity with sea lions is done for around 40 minutes. Finishing the activity we sail towards one of the best beaches on the island where we disembark. Already on land we eat lunch. At the end we will have time to walk around and see some points of interest. We then board and sail back to the starting point around 6:00 pm.

Amenities on board: Bar service, dining room, shaded and unshaded outdoor deck for sunbathing, bathrooms for men and women, stairs to get in and out of the water, shower with fresh water to rinse.

Food: Mexican buffet with fish ceviche, toast, dressings, sauces, grilled meat, chicken wire, flour and corn chips, rice, beans, tortilla chips, Mexican sauce, taco sauce, guacamole and jalapeño peppers.

Beverages: natural bottled water, natural jamaica water, national tequila bar, whiskey, vodka, rum and beer, mixers (juice, mineral water, soft drinks)

*alcoholic beverages are served after the activity in the sea.

Tour price:

$8,950 USD

Capacity: 50 people

*Isla Espiritu Santo is a protected natural area, so you should consider the payment of an admission bracelet per person that has a cost of $75 mxn and must be paid in cash when boarding.

hire boat for big groups in La Pazgroups boat for rent in La Paz

La Paz Bay and Balandra Tour

Duration: approximately 3 hours

*Food and drinks included (same menu as the tour to Espiritu Santo)


It leaves from the fiscal dock on the boardwalk of La Paz sailing through the bay until reaching the “San Rafaelito” lighthouse, where there is a small colony of sea lions. Here we stay for approximately 15 minutes to appreciate the place, and then we sail to Balandra beach where the famous rock formation known as the “Balandra mushroom” is located. Afterwards we move to a beach to eat and enjoy the scenery. Here we stay about an hour and a half and then we prepare to sail back.


$6,500 USD

boat for large events in La Paz

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