Cozumel Yacht Rentals

Welcome to Cozumel Yacht Rentals: To go to the island of Cozumel by yacht you do not need a special permit, but few boats leave Cancun to go to Cozumel, due to the wear and tear of the engine and the large amount of fuel it uses to get to the the beautiful island. It is recommended to cross by ferry from Playa del Carmen and take a taxi to the marina where the boat in located, where it departs from. You can also stay in Cozumel and rent a jeep to tour the island, and then the next day take a cozumel yacht charter, speed boat or sailboat to visit El Cielo and El Cielito. The other option is to leave from Puerto Aventuras by yacht heading to Cozumel. This last option is more expensive but the experience is still very good. Hire a yacht in Cozumel for a private snorkeling tour: see the Columbia, Palancar and El Cielo reefs, or further north of the island is Isla Pasión, another paradise not many people know about.

cozumel rent a sailboat

Cozumel Sailboat rentals

Max. Capacity: 12 people

$15,000 MXN / 6 Hours

Sea Ray 60 Cozumel

Sea Ray 60
Max. Capacity: 20 people
$500 USD per hour


Boston Yacht 37

Capacity 8 people

$31,000 MXN 5 hours to El Cielo

small yacht cozumel 27 foot

Small Yacht 27 foot Cozumel

Capacity: 6-8 people

3 hours: $668 USD (Sunset cruise)

5 hours: $890 USD (El Cielo)

20 footer speedboat Cozumel Claudia

Pro-line speedboat

Capacity 4 people

$10,000MXN  4 hours

food & beverages

red speedboat 25 foot Cozumel

Speedboat 24 footer 2022

Capacity 6 people

$16,500 MXN 4 hours

food and drinks included

boat el shulooo Cozumel

El Shulooo Boat

Capacity: 6 people

$24,225 MXN 4 hours

Food and Drinks included

Economic Classic Boat Rental Cozumel

Economic Classic Boat Rental Cozumel

18 people. Open bar & food

$18,000 MXN 5 hours with less food and drinks

$24,000 MXN 7 hours with open bar and more food variety

Cozumel yacht rentals Cabo 48 footer

Cabo 48 foot

Capacity 10 people

$29,400 MXN 5 hours

24 foot most economic boat Cozumel

Lancha medium boat Claudia

Capacity 6 people

$11,000MXN  4 hours


cozumel yacht rentals boston 25

Boston 25 foot

Capacity 7 people

$13,550 MXN 4 hours

Sealine 400 Cozumel

Sealine 400

Capacity 12 people

$25,000 MXN 5 hours

Catamaran Lagoon 440 Cozumel

Catamaran Lagoon 440

Capacity: 20-30 people

6 hours: $2,600 USD (El Cielo)

catamaran barato en renta en Cozumel

The most economical catamaran in Cozumel

Capacity for up to 20 people (shared)

$1,350 MXN per person (Sunset cruise)

departures: 10:30 am and 2:30 pm, 4 hours

cozumel island catamaran to El Cielo beach with food and drinks

Catamaran Chala Cozumel 21 people

Max: up to 21 people if there are children

$19,500 MXN 5 and half hours (from 1 to 8 people)

$22,500 MXN 5 and half hours (from 9 to 17 people)

catamaran en renta cozumel

Catamaran Gemini Legacy 35 pies 2014

Capacity: 14 people

$1,500 USD 4 hours

Claudia catamaran cozumel

Claudia Catamaran Cozumel

Capacity 25 people

$22,500 MXN 5 hours

View from the side catamaran 41 foot cozumel

Catamaran Lagoon 41 Cozumel

15 people. And up to 20 people

$36,000 MXN 5 hours

food and alcoholic drinks included

most luxurious catamaran Cozumel Lagoon 39

Lagoon 39 Cozumel, the most luxurious

Capacity for up to 20 people

$36,000 MXN 5 hours

Renta de Yates en Cozumel

Sea Ray 60 Cozumel yate de lujo

1. The first option is to leave from Cozumel itself, where we have great yachts like the 60-foot Sea Ray, for $500 USD per hour. Also a cheaper Sea Ray 40 at $25,000 MXN for 5 hours, old, but with good and private service. And another newer Sea Ray 40, at a higher cost.

2. If you are in Riviera Maya, the second option is to leave from Puerto Aventuras, for 2600 USD plus 10 USD dock fee per person. Sea Ray yacht size: 48 feet. This option is if you don’t want to take the ferry to cross to Cozumel and you are close to Puerto Aventuras. The ride is 8 hours and you return to Riviera Maya same port.

Activities to do by boat in Cozumel

Tour to Cozumel by boat to El Cielo beach in the south of the island. You can also go to the north of the island, to Isla Pasion, a hidden paradise. Snorkeling is the most recommended activity you can do in the island, or rather diving, which is even better, as it is one of the best places in the world to practice this beautiful sport. To dive by yacht in Cozumel you require a boat with these permits, which are not normally “panga” type boats and you go with other people. If you are looking for a more private service, you could hire a boat with us for just you plus the crew and the divemaster. If you want to dive on a luxury yacht, it is an issue as normally luxury yachts have a fishing and snorkeling permit in the El Cielo national park, but they do not have Scuba Diving.

Snorkel tour by boat in Cozumel

paseo en barco economico en cozumel

7 hours snorkel tour, departing at 10:00 am from the marina. This is an all-inclusive tour on this economical boat. It is a classic model boat with capacity for up to 18 passengers. It has space to sit inside and outside the boat. It has an indoor area on the first floor and the second floor has 4 chairs upstairs that can be used to watch the sunset with beer. It includes drinks and food on board, but if you want it cheaper we can lower the price and take off some stuff. There are 3 crew members who will waiter you on board. There is snorkeling equipment on the boat and the tour is towards to El Cielo and El Cielito beaches.

Food and drinks

  • Seasonal fruit, olives, cheese, ceviche, hummus

  • snack with Arabic bread and guacamole

  • Multiple soft drinks

  • Juices

  • Water

  • Beer. Clamatos

  • Tequila

  • Cold wet towels to get out of the sea with natural essences

7 hours tour price: $1,250 USD

also we have a cheaper price of $18,000 MXN with less amenities


  • Captain
  • Sailor
  • Guide
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Food and drinks

Sport fishing yacht rental in Cozumel

Renta de yates de pesca deportiva en Cozumel yates de lujo

At Cozumel Yacht Rentals there is a wide range of different types of fishing yachts of all models and brands so if you need a specific one, let us know so we can offer it to you. Some of the brands that we rent the most of fishing boats in Cancun are: Uniesse 48´, Hatteras 46´, Chris Craft Crowne Yacht, Small fishing boats, Beltram 35´, Bertram 33´, among other excellent yachts for sport fishing with splendid captains who will take you to the so worthy catch of the day. In Cozumel you can also go fishing on any of our two tour boats. They usually have equipment to fish in the areas that the island allows, which is away from the snorkeling areas.

Cozumel Catamaran Rentals

El mejor tour de snorkel en catamaran a isla mujeres y puerto aventuras

At Yacht Rentals in Cozumel we also have catamarans to hire, which are private catamaran charters for up to 30 people on board. The price varies depending on the number of people who go. 5 hours are $2,400 USD plus $100 USD per person after 20 people. To go to Playa El Cielo, you need to rent a minimum of 6 hours, at $2,600 USD. Includes drinks and food on board. On the other hand, if you want to rent an economical catamaran in Cozumel, we have a lower price option, with fewer services and not luxurious. This costs 1300 pesos per person. It includes the caramaran only with snorkeling equipment, but we still have a package with food and drinks.

Servicio de Catering a bordo de yate de lujo en Cozumel


We have Catering services, with which we can bring all kinds of food and fun accessories that you want onto the yacht. From musicians of all kinds such as violinists or DJs, specialized chefs, etc., to wedding elements such as a priest to marry them, flowers, arches for wedding, company, etc.

Luxury yacht rental for private tour to Isla  Contoy


If you want to take a trip to an island, you must book in advance. For example, to Isla Contoy, which is possible but it is necessary 7 days before the tour is paid, or well in advance, to ensure that the yacht has time to obtain the necessary bracelets and permits. Sometimes you cannot make that trip to Contoy because the island is allowed 300 people per day. If the yacht cannot or does not have the capacity to take you to Contoy (permits more than anything), we have tour small and cheap boats that support us with this, and they charge separately. So in the case we wanted to rent a luxury yacht, we can hire one of these boats with permits so we dock on Contoy Island. Please contact our sales representative for a proper quote.

yates cozumel

Proposal in Cozumel


Bachelorette party

stern table Lagoon 39 foot Cozumel island

Wedding on luxury vessel Cozumel

family vacations in Cozumel boat rentals

Family vacations

    Luxury Yacht Rental in Cozumel

    This boat charter company also offers yachts for rent of all types, for any capacity of people, luxury, price and size. Ideal for when you want to spend a comfortable and relaxing time with family and/or friends in Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras or Akumal, aboard a beautiful boat, with all the services, such as: bathroom, snorkeling equipment, sailor, captain, soft drinks, beers, fishing rods, and others with extra cost such as wakeboard, ski, flyboard, wakesurf, jetsurf, professional fishing, weddings, open bar, waiter, catering, food on board, seafood restaurants with a dock for boats, kayaks, event boats, sailing boats, yacht diving, etc. If you need something above the sea, we have it. We have extra services such as theme parties for bachelor parties, wedding parties, marriage proposals, birthdays, yacht glow parties, parties with DJ, more advanced sound equipment and civil weddings.

    Different kind of yachts in Cozumel island to hireYate Sea Ray 400 Cozumel

    At Yacht Rental in Cozumel there is a wide range of different types of yachts, of all models and brands. If you need a specific one, let us know so we can offer it to you. Of the brands that we rent the most are: Azimut, Sea Ray, Sessa, Tiara, Defender, Hateras, Donzi, Meridien, Riviera, Uniesse, VanDutch, Bayliner, Ferreti, Formula, Fourwinns, Glasstream, Luhrs, Nautique, Chris Craft Crowne , Regal, Scarab, Sealine, Sunseeker, Atlantis, Chaparral, Tige, Tomcat, Ramapage, among others. We have Catering services, with which we can bring all kinds of fun and food accessories that you want onto the yacht, from musicians of all kinds such as violinists or DJs, specialized chefs, etc., to wedding elements such as a priest, flowers, arches for wedding, etc.

    Trips to islands by boat from Cozumel

    Contoy is one of the islands you could travel from Cozumel. Have in mind you need several days of vacations to be able to do it. A catamaran woudl be best, as they have plenty of cabins and rooms for crew. Once in Contoy area, if you want to get off the vessel and visit Contoy land, we must hire a private panga boat from isla mujeres to come pick you up directly to your overnight boat and take you to visit the island. They charge about $1250 USD for the service, and includes food in Contoy and drinks. Every day they prepare a special food in the middle of the island. Please agree with our sales representative for a proper quote.

    Permits to travel to Cozumel by yacht,and how to get thereCatamaran de lujo Cozumel Lagoon 39

    To visit Cozumel Island by yacht, you do not need a special permit, but still just few boats leave Cancun to go to Cozumel, due to the wear and tear of the engine and the large amount of diesel it takes to get here. It’s far from Cancun but it is closer from Playa del Carmen. What is recommended are two things. The first would be taking the ferry, to leave directly from Cozumel, on a 60-foot Sea Ray yacht for 500 USD per hour, a minimum of 4 hours, or on a 45-foot Sundancer, for $380 USD per hour. Those yachts with 4 hours gives you enough time to snorkel, although 6 or more hours are recommended to visit more great places.

    And the second option is to depart from Puerto Aventuras, where we have, for example, a 47-foot Sea Ray yacht with flybridge, with which you can take this tour to Cozumel, to Playa “El Cielo” in the south of the island, or to the center of the island, to get off to see what it offers for you. Snorkeling is the most recommended, and diving even better, since it is one of the best places in the world to practice it.

    Playa del Carmen close to Cozumel

    In addition to the fact that it is very close to Playa del Carmen, where there is a wide variety of night parties and tours for the whole family, restaurants on the beach and a beach that I really like to visit, called Playa Mamitas, where you can reach by yacht from Puerto Aventuras. You may depart from Puerto Aventuras and dock a hundred meters from the coast, to spend the day on Mamitas. You can get off the yacht to the beach, but you need to rent a waverunner service on the coast, or give a tip to someone who rents a waverunner, since it is not allowed to get off the yacht directly to get to the coast, due to port captaincy issues and safety procedures

    Puerto Aventuras boat rentals

    renta de yates en Tulum Sundancer 48

    In Puerto Aventuras, Cozumel Yacht Rentals also has catamarans for rent, like private catamaran charters for up to 50 people on board. The price varies depending on the number of people who go. The service includes soft drinks, waters and juices. Open bar is optional with an extra cost of $15 per person. Snorkeling equipment is included in the service, and two sailors will assist you during your stay aboard the catamaran. In Puerto Aventuras we have much less variety of yachts than in Cancun, but there are nice options. Two yachts offer their services in that destination in the Riviera Maya, which is where people with boats have their yachts parked, since there are no large docks in Playa del Carmen and its surroundings. One of these yachts is a 47-foot Sea Ray, at 300 USD per hour, with a national open bar, snorkel equipment, fishing rods and food. Another yacht is a smaller 34-foot Chris Craft Crowne, with beer, water and soft drinks, and fruit service at $160 per hour.

    We have transportation service in a private van Playa del Carmen – Puerto Aventuras – Playa del Carmen, from your hotel to the yacht and from the yacht to the hotel directly. The van waits for you until you get off the yacht, providing the best customer service. Costs from 215 USD round trip for 14 people.

    Mega Yachts in Cozumel

    Azimut 100 yacht Cancun

    If there is a very good budget for a mega yacht, we have several in Cancun, such as a 100-foot Azimut, which would be the largest for rent in Cancun. Well, actually there is a 110 footer one too. It has 5 luxuriously decorated cabins, 4 bathrooms, indoor living-dining room, outdoor and upstairs dining room, outdoor jacuzzi on the flydeck, outdoor grill to grill whatever you like, own chef, 3 sailors and a captain. Ideal for the best party there can be in Cancun and Cozumel, we will make it great for you! With this yacht you can also tour islands if you wish, to Holbox, Cozumel, Contoy etc. Destinations needed a high extra fuel costs, of course. If water sports are your thing, we are at the forefront, with the newest products on the market such as the Jet Surf and the FlyBoard. Yacht Rental in Cozumel welcomes you, and we hope you have the best vacation of your life in Cancun and Riviera Maya, hoping that you will return soon to see us again.

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