Yatecito 27 pies Cozumel

small yacht cozumel 27 foot

Small Yacht 27 Cozumel

We now have this 27ft luxury yacht for small groups of up to 6 people, possibly 8 if there are children in the group. Although we can customize any tour, we have the following available:

Sunset Cruise Cozumel

3-hour sunset cruise: $668 USD. We could also offer a 3-hour cruise with breakfast or brunch. The idea is to go out twice in one day, so if it’s 3 hours we can’t go out in the middle of the day, for example. It could be very early or late at night.

We will cruise along the coast with an open bar and excellent refreshments. This tour includes a national open bar, beer, soft drinks and water. We will prepare snacks on board consisting of fruits, guacamole, shrimp and fish ceviche with chips. Aware of preferences, allergens can be replaced with cheese and cold cuts boards or something like that. Departure time may vary depending on the change of season, but in general we suggest a time of 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. for a sunset cruise.

5 hours tour on Small Yacht 27 Cozumel

5 hours to El Cielo.- $890 USD. Leaving from its marina, or the docks of some hotels, we will first head to the “paradise on earth”, El Cielo beach, sailing with drinks and light snacks. At El Cielo we will continue with an open bar, beer, water and soft drinks. We serve fruits, guacamole, ceviche and fajitas or burgers.

Pick up departure place

The departure point could be from the Fonatur marina or from the dock of your hotel. You should ask or see if your hotel’s dock has room for boat pick-ups. For example, the Presidente hotel does have one. We’ve picked up a lot of people on that one.


  • waters

  • refreshments

  • beers

  • fruit

  • guacamole

  • ceviche and fajitas or hamburgers

  • crew

  • snorkeling equipment


$668 USD 3 hours. Sunset Cruise

$890 USD 5 hours

$1090 USD 6 hours

$1490 USD 8 hours

Maximum capacity: 6 people, or even 8 people if there are small children in the group






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