Azimut 100 Jumbo Yacht in Cancun

Azimut 100 Cancun

$5,500 USD / 4 Hours

  • Size: 100 feet
  • Cabins: 5
  • Bathrooms: 4

Azimut 100 foot yacht in Cancun

This beautiful 100 foot yacht by the brand Azimut is perfect for those who are looking to tour Cancun in style while you take in the view of the Caribbean. It has 3 floors, its own chef, captain, 2 sailors and a jacuzzi. The boat also has a 21 foot Dingy with a 150 hp engine. We have enough snorkeling equipment for 10 passengers. In total there are 5 cabins, it has a spacious exterior on both floors, a living room and diner. The jacuzzi is outdoors in the upper deck of the ship (On the flybridge). Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres is the perfect spot for a trip like this. All yachts park there so the enviorement is very caribbean nice.

The Chef, for $350 USD extra, can prepare any type of food that you’d like. You just have to tell him what you’d like to have and he will do everything with its respective supplies prices. On the third floor you have an open roof flybridge with a gas grill which the Chef can use to also prepare some choice beef dishes.

Max Capacity 30 people + 4 Crew Members

Prices are for up to 20 people. Extra person pays $100 USD to reach a maximum of 30 people plus crew.


4 hours: $5,500 USD
6 hours: $6,500 USD
8 hours: $7,500 USD

plus $5 USD dock fee per person

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