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$350 per Hour

  • Size: 51′
  • Cabins: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2

Rent this Uniesse 51' Luxury Fishing Yacht in Cancun

If you love to fish and want to invest on an amazing boat for it, then this is the yacht for you, this Uniesse 51′ is without a doubt the best luxury fishing yacht in Cancun which was initially bought for its luxurious design and has remained as such for all of its lifetime, we have been buying comfortable professional fishing for it, with all the luxuries possible to make this yacht your best option to have a truly wonderful experience in Cancun.

This yacht has 3 cabins, a loaded kitchen inside and a kitchenette outside, there is a carbon grill outside as well, both an indoors and outdoors living room and there is A/C in all the cabins, 2 bathrooms, TV, a stereo system with a plug for iPods, USB and CD’s, plus 2 giant coolers and professional fishing equipment (out, down riggers, chair and rods).

Some of the fish you can find in Cancun are the white marlin, blue marlin, dorado, tuna, bonito, peto, wahoo, sierra, barracuda, mero, rainbow, mackerel, sword fish, jurel, african pompano, etc.

 Rent a luxurious fishing yacht in Cancun

If you want to rest there are 3 cabins so that you can lie down comfortably. If what you want is a bachelor party we can organize it for you so that you have companions throughout your fishing trip. After your fishing trip you can go to Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres so that you can prep your catch to eat it, drink a few beers and relax while watching the Caribbean. This Luxurious fishing yacht in Cancun gets special discounts in restaurants at Isla Mujeres, to get to them all you have to do is dock directly in their pier, get down and ask for a table for you and your guests, get some drinks, some seafood and the best of the island, the tikinchik, very recommended. There are several restaurants like the Chuk kay, El Varadero, Tiburones, but personally the best one is Chukkay, it has delicious food with a huge palapa and live music.

So now you know if what you are looking for is for a great fishing yacht in Cancun, this yacht will not disappoint you. There aren’t that many boats for fishing in Cancun, the majority are Vikings, Hateras or Defenders which are very cheap but don’t offer the same experience as this fully loaded yacht.

Fishing in Cancun – Deluxe Yacht with one of the most professional crew in the Caribbean

Includes: Captain, sailor, bait, full fishing equipment, sodas, water bottles, beer bottles, snacks and ice bags.

Ceviche: $300 MXN extra per person (Large portions with tostadas and crackers)


$1,350 USD: 4 hours

$1,700 USD: 6 hours

$1,960 USD: 8 hours

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