Catamaran 55 Mayan

Catamaran Cancun 55 footer mayan

Catamaran 55 Maya

This spacious 55-foot catamaran in Cancun is ideal for going out with friends in a group of up to 60 people. We will take you to Playa Norte to spend the day. The sailors, who serve as waiters, serve you alcoholic drinks during your journey to Isla Mujeres. We snorkel in a reef before reaching the island. Includes national open bar and Tycoz snadwiches. Playa Norte is the social beach, where we will go to enjoy a delicious dip.

The swim can be in El Meco, which is where the big boats normally do the reef swim. There are all kinds of colorful fish there, so it is a good place for activity. Further ahead of that reef is the sunken ship of La Amada, where if you have a chance, you could exchange El Meco for that ship. The ship is smaller than the reef, but it’s nicer.

The sandwiches that include the boat are French style. They are made with salami, cheese and ham, very good, from the Tycoz brand, a very famous bakery in Cancun.

Catamaran 55 includes:

  • national open bar
  • snorkeling equipment
  • Crew
  • Fuel
  • Bathrooms
  • Cabins
  • kitchen
  • lunch sandwiches

Maximum capacity: 60 people + crew


$2,000 USD 4 hours

$2,500 USD 7 hours +$20 USD dock fee per person

The boat includes sandwiches, but if you want something more specialized, we have the following:

food on board:

$22 USD per person.

Includes chicken wings, guacamole, tortilla chips, fish ceviche, shrimp ceviche, shrimp cocktail, octopus (or squid) cocktail, cocktail Vuelve a la Vida (mixed seafood), nuggets for children, French fries.

Other services of the 55 Mayan catamaran:

Waverunner: $220 USD per hour, placed on the boat where you are (not in the North of the Island, because jet skis are prohibited in that area)

Boat with water sports: $650 USD 2 hours in Playa Norte. We have wakeboard and wakesurf.

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